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What a Great Fun Week!

We have all been working hard in the classrooms and it is going well.   We had the opportunity to take a science field trip into the hills to get trees thanks to the Nelson's who so graciously donated trees to our Community Agriculture Park.  We got 57 trees dug up and replanted around the park. The students worked so hard and steady.   It was awesome.  Then our Bee option class took a field trip to town to Mr. Murphy's honey house and they extracted their hives.  Some of the comments were "This is soooo awesome", "This smells soooo good".   A thank you to Mr. MacDonnell and Mr. Murphy who so generously  shared their equipment and worked with our students to teach them how to do this.  

Enjoy our pictures, and if you get a chance ask the students about their projects.   We will have small containers of honey for sale mid week.     We won't have a lot, but if you are interested in purchasing it from our option class students, give the school a call. 

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