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CONGRATULATIONS! The successful recipients of a 1/4 of beef.

Thanks to all our supporters and people who put bids towards our Steer program.  Supports like yourselves helps our students have success and helps us all to continue to move forward.  

Congratulations to Ron Jacobs, 1 quarter $900.00 
                            Stacy/Troy Jacobs 2 quarters $800 each 
                            Nelson Families - 1 quarter $800.00  

Watch this website over the next few days for individual purchase of roasts, steaks, briskets 
and hamburger.     Call Lisa at the school if interested in purchasing any of these cuts.  I will post the quantities and prices sometime tomorrow (Wednesday, June 23)

Roasts - 

Tbone -                        Ribeye -                                 

Brisket - 

Hamburger - 



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