Back To School/Parent Teacher --- Changed to NOV. 2


1.  There is a date change for Back to School/Parent Teacher  - it was scheduled for tonight, due to several teachers attending a conference in Edmonton, this has been changed to --Tuesday,  Nov. 2  

2.  It was also brought to my attention, that some did not receive the October Newletter, first, would  you double check in your spam to make sure the email wasn't sent there, sometimes (not sure why) the powerschool messages (newsletter) are rerouted by your computer to spam... mark as not spam and it should be good from now on.  If it's not there and you didn't get it.. call me.. we will figure out why you aren't receiving it.  

3.  If you want to review the newsletters with dates etc. you can go to the website and it is under documents.    Each month it will be posted here as well, so the first week of each month just double check here to see the most recent updates.    

4. and last but not least, if you are wondering about a specific activity or anything actually, give us a call at the office and we will help.  


"WE" Scare Hunger

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"WE" Scare Hunger ----  The Mountain View School Student Union are sponsoring a
"WE" Scare Hunger project.    What this means, is every day next week we are asking students to bring in an item if they would like.  This is not mandatory, but rather a project to do our part in the Scare Hunger project.    If you would like to participate, the list is below:  if you have any questions, please call the office.  

Monday - canned vegetables
Tuesday - Hygiene
Wednesday - Boxed Food  eg: kraft dinner
Thursday - Breakfast cereals
Friday - Canned fruit 



OCT. 20, 2017  MOUNTAIN VIEW SCHOOL - 6:00 PM  5:00 /PERSON INCLUDES MOVIE TICKET, SMALL POPCORN, AND TREAT   (additional popcorn and treats at concession for $1.00 ) 


HOT LUNCH - OCT. 17, 24 AND 31


The Barnstore is bringing in hot lunch again this year,  if  you are interested, they are $5.00/lunch You can email me the order and send money with your child.  Or fill out the form I'm sending home with your child and send it and money to the school.   Cheques made out to Mountain View School.  

        Tues. Oct. 17 - Taco in a Bag/Fruit Cup/Juice Box
        Tues. Oct. 24 - Hot Dog/Carrot Sticks/Juice Box
        Tues. Oct. 31 - Chili/ Bun/Treat/Juice Box


Excellence in reading and reading comprehension. She improved her reading by 2 leavels over the summer. She has also been a superstar in Social Studies with group contribution and discussions!



Competitive Sports Programs


Mountain View School has a long history of competing in cross country, volleyball, basketball, archery, badminton and track and field.  Cross country, archery, badminton and track and field are individual sports with student placement on teams dependent largely on their age.  When limited spaces are available, students will try out for the team placements.  For the team sports of volleyball and basketball, the school will support a Junior Varsity (grade 7/8 and, when additional participants are needed, grade 6) and a varsity (grade 7/8/9) team for each sport.  When necessary, placement on these teams will be determined through try outs.  There may be occasions when only one team can be supported due to the limited number of students. 


All extracurricular sports are run on volunteer hours.  Great sacrifices of time are made by staff and parents to run the sports program and provide students with opportunities to compete.  Parent support is essential to our sports programs and my include coaching, refereeing, transportation, organizing tournaments, fundraising etc.  We also appreciate parents' support of the students as they compete in their respective sports.  During try outs and team placements, we realize all parents want their child to have the best opportunity to compete and develop their talent.  The administration and athletic director in consultation with coaches, ensure all students have opportunity to show case their skills and talent and then receive a fair team placement.  We ask that parents keep this in mind as they approach each sport season and do their best to support the school in their decisions.


Coaches are expected to treat students with dignity and respect while fostering an environment conducive to maximizing all players potential.  We recognize in the competitive sports arena, students have varying talents and abilities.  All team members will participate in accordance with established divisional rules.  Coaches will use their discretion to play team members in positions that will contribute both to the competitiveness of the team and also to building the potential of the player.  Concerns regarding coaching should first be taken to the designated staff supervisor of the team. 

Please note:   The Student Agendas are only for Gr. 1,2,3,4  

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